I said I was sorry, now can I come out of my room?

Bernie Madoff  says he won’t violate securities laws again. Another victory for the SEC Compliance Division. No word whether the “biggest victim”, Walter Noel, feels better now. I’m sure he does.


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2 responses to “I said I was sorry, now can I come out of my room?

  1. Walt

    I am a victim because the SEC didn’t do it’s job. Markopolis didn’t send me the friggin letter, he sent it to them. They dropped the ball – not me. Just wait until my lawyers get ahold of Linda Thompson, the head of SEC Enforcement. OOPS. She got fired today. I would fly down to see Mary Shapiro, the new Chair of the SEC, but I had to sell the plane today. I can’t go by train, as I may not remember how to get home. What were we talking about?

  2. Walt

    Chris –
    Not sure you saw this, but they give you a nice plug. I think he has the filly’s mixed up though. Alix is the one in the purple tank top right? Or is it my Alzheimers?