Kill a baby, ground a flight, it’s all the same in Global Warming Wonderland

Last week it was a call to kill a baby for mother earth. This week, Britain’s chief global warming dictator wants to ration vacations. For some odd reason, the Brits seem to go along with this nonsense – no defending yourself against burglars breaking into your home, surveillance cameras everywhere, no free speech except for muslim terrorists and on and on. Is this spinelessness contagious and can it cross the Atlantic?


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3 responses to “Kill a baby, ground a flight, it’s all the same in Global Warming Wonderland

  1. Twisted Brit

    So, this amused me. Has my home nation really gone that nuts? Thought I’d share this with my mother as she lives there.She had some thoughts on this matter which I share, in that it may be based around the truth but sounds to me a bit like a National Enquirer story to me!

    The ‘rationing vacations’ idea was mooted a long time ago by a bunch of green loonies & they got some members of parliament (another lot of loonies!) to consider it seriously. The idea was that we would all have our own personal annual allowance of air miles & once they were used up you wouldn’t be able to purchase another flight. Of course, like all monster raving loony ideas it wasn’t thought through properly & it soon became apparent that people would just fly to Amsterdam or similar short distance into Europe (ie not many miles) & then pick up their long haul flights there (which wouldn’t count in the annual quota ‘cos how could they be recorded in another country?!) so the likes of Heathrow would just lose business for the benefit of Amsterdam or Paris. So out go the loonies. Hooray.

    BTW, talking of loonies, have you heard Jeremy Clarkson’s (him of the big schoolboy mouth from Top Gear )gaff this week? He called Gordon Brown a ‘one-eyed Scottish idiot’ at a news conference. Despite the fact that everybody thinks he is absolutely correct in his summation he had to apologise, not ‘cos he’d offended GB by calling him an idiot (which we all know is fact!) but ‘cos it was disrespectful to the blind & the Scots. Now that is British humour at its best!!

    stick that in your pipe and smoke it Chris! I don’t think those Brits are spineless at all! If anything those American tendencies for loving all, discriminating none (well on the surface anyway) are flying east ! Still funny whichever way you look at it.

  2. pulled up in OG

    ” . . . ‘cos how could they be recorded in another country?!”

    the chip in the passport
    the chip in the phone
    and watch out for a chip in the chips.