One woman, one economy

At lehman, an edukated konsumer is our best customer. Great deals on slightly-used bedding, call Kathy.

At lehman, an edukated konsumer is our best customer. Great deals on slightly-used bedding, call Kathy.

From a reader:

I’m told that Lynnens, the fancy bedding store on the Avenue, is being walloped. Why?

Because Kathy Fuld went in every 1-2 months and spent $20,000 – $40,000 on sheets & towels. She’d get a bunch, try them out in Greenwich, then “triple up” and get the same for all their homes. 

Now, apparently, Kathy has “gone to 0” in local shopping. So Lynnens, whose rent is $30,000/month, is  really hurting. There surely are other Greenwich stores hurting too. I notice that the place that used to be Mead’s – that entire block is >50% “For Lease”.

Jesus weeps.


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4 responses to “One woman, one economy

  1. Very interesting!

    Also interesting: Yahoo’s home page has a lead article this morning about companies in trouble…one of them is your old friend, Realogy. Just thought you’d like to know!

  2. Jane

    Please don’t stop shopping at Lynnen’s. Lynn is one of the finest businesswomen I have ever met. Excellent taste level, kind person, good sense of right and wrong. I am sorry that her best customer has “gone dark”, but please don’t hold it against her. She is a great merchant and her store is lovely. There is something for everyone in there. If you have never been there, stop in and meet the terrific staff and look around.

    • christopherfountain

      Jane, I certainly wasn’t trying to be sarcastic about a small merchant’s troubles – I was poking fun at the Fulds of this town but unfortunately, when they stop spending, small businesses start suffering. Years ago Congress in its wisdom placed a “luxury tax” on yachts. The rich found new toys to play with and boatyards from Florida to Maine sank. So I certainly wish your friend well and if I didn’t use a sleeping bag here in my tent in the woods I’d certainly stop in and try to help her.

  3. NYCT101

    I love Lynnens. I cannot buy those pricey linens but have purchased a nice robe or two for gifts and the blankets are lovely. I drive in from NYC to shop there. Lower taxes and quiet. The ladies are lovely and always recommend things my mother in law and mother love at birthday time.