Chris Dodd – Scoundrel Time

Instapundit and the Hartford Courant are both doing a fine job exposing this blowhard’s crooked ways, but here’s a nice illustration of how our Senator’s “coming clean by cleaning up” refinancing deal saved him $7,000 plus a year. He waited to disavow the Countrywide sweetheart deal until after rates had dropped below he’d received as a favor and he still refuses to release the paperwork on those loans, despite promising to do so months ago. I’m beginning to think that the fellow isn’t on the up=and-up!


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3 responses to “Chris Dodd – Scoundrel Time

  1. anonymous

    Didn’t your favorite community organizer get a special deal from a “friend” (now a convicted felon) to buy his ~$1.5MM Chicago house?

    And didn’t the community organizer’s wife get a “special” pay raise from ~$100K/yr to ~$300K/yr by Univ of Chicago Med Ctr, upon the community organizer becoming a Senator?

    Would expect nothing less of a card-carrying politician…gotta get paid for public “service”

  2. Anonymous

    Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!