Does a bear belong in the woods?

(some) Boston College professors are shocked and outraged to discover crucifixes in their classrooms. Some kind of attack on academic freedom, I suppose, but I don’t know – when I attended BC there were certainly crucifixes in most classrooms, I can’t say that I actually conducted an inventory but there were certainly plenty around and I, a non-Catholic, wasn’t as surprised as these professors are to see them there. Boston College is, as I understand it, a Jesuit institution and the Jesuits seem to have some kind of connection with the Catholic Church. Go figure.

Hat tip: Bovina Bloviator


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2 responses to “Does a bear belong in the woods?

  1. This is too dumb for words! Let the ungodly professors be excommunicated forthwith, and forced to spend their severance pay on indulgences to redeem their idiotic souls (if they have one).

    I once worked at Georgetown, and had to put up with all sorts of Jesuitical nonsense, from Catholics and non-Catholics alike. It came with the territory, and I was smart enough to expect it. (But boy, was I ever glad to get away from that place!)

  2. Bill Clark, it’s long been said that Georgetown “used to be Catholic.”