Realogy: “I will survive!” (2009, anyway)

Realogy disputes the idea that it’ll go bankrupt, this year. Good for them – right now, polyester blazers are a drag on the market.


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5 responses to “Realogy: “I will survive!” (2009, anyway)

  1. analyst51

    Oh really, realogy not going out of business? Not according to this:

  2. I find it intriguing that a full-time realtor could have the spare time to track the possible demise of the largest brokerage conglomerate in the nation. Mr. Fountain, you have shown your cards on this blog spot. I suggest that you spend more time on making your year in ‘Real Estate’ a success as opposed to bashing a company that is represented by a very large pool of hard working, successful and ethical professionals. Then you might actually realize that this company has more outs than you can possibly imagine.
    Who knows, your little boutique house may soon be under the Realogy umbrella? It might actually help you to obtain more than one listing.
    Best of luck to all those individuals that are actually working through this downturn with a positive and ethical state of mind.

  3. dave

    My daily Google alerts almost always include a link to your site. And always, it seems, that you take great pleasure and joy in assuming that the company I work for, Realogy, will be out of business soon. I am not really sure what your gripe is with Realogy, (maybe you should write a post on that), but I think you should be mindful of the fact that there are real people who work there, who have real families to support. Surely, you can relate to that. So the next time you feel the sick need to express satisfication over a company’s assumed demise, make sure you think about all of those people (13,000) who would be out a job, and all of those families who would be impacted.

    If I were a consumer, and stumbled upon your site, I would be so turned off by you for taking pleasure in other people’s misfortunes – competition or not. Your silly blog is actually fairly revealing as to your character. And it’s not good.

    • christopherfountain

      The local Realogy outfit here had me fired from a local newspaper when I ran a brief posting, meant to show the evils of Wall Street firms saddling good companies with debt, and merely citing a NYT article on the troubles of Apollo Management. Coldwell banker couldn’t threaten the New York Toimes of the WSJ or any of the other papers that ran the original story so they chose me. I hope it made them feel better because I shifted to the Internet and created a “Realogy Death Watch” alert via Google news. As the news get’s grimmer, the stories from Google come more frequently. You’ll notice, however, that the last post was not in the least negative. Realogy’s spokesman said they were in a strong financial position and that’s what I linked to.
      I have many friends who work for Coldwell Banker and Sotheby’s here in Greenwich and I’d be sorry if they were to suffer as the result of Realogy’s woes. I don’t think that’s liekle. When (ok, if) Realogy goes down, someone will snap up the agencies and continue life, uninterrupted. I wish you well, too.

  4. sigma

    I am glad that a full-time realtor has a perceived off-setting viewpoint to the pseudo doctrines that are embraced by most analysts in the REITs, and self proclaimed retail real estate professionals in this period. What pseudo doctrines do they embrace, “real estate prices will always increase in value or historical settlement prices are indicative to future transactional prices trends”.

    Full-time realtor, keep fine tuning your keen acumen to jump diffusion pricing effects in your regional markets!