Ruthie, we hardly knew you

Ruth Madoff made off with $10 million just before her beloved husband was handcuffed.  I’ve assumed all along that the lady was in this up to her neck and this doesn’t change my opinion. But where’s the money now and did any of it end up in a fly fishing camp somewhere in Patagonia? I suggested before that one of the Madoff boys purchase Leona’s place on Round Hill for its proximity to Mom Madoff’s next living space in Bedford Hills Women’s prison, and now they may have the down payment for doing just that. Happy news for everyone, especially Trouble and her guardian. Seems that Trouble has been upset by the lengthy delay in selling the place and getting her paws on that cash and she’s resumed biting people, poor thing.

Update: A careful reading shows that Ruth grabbed $15.5 million before the balloon went up. The Helmsley place gets ever closer!


Trouble (left) with mistress. "Waiting for David to produce?"

Trouble (left) with mistress. "Waiting for David to produce?"


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5 responses to “Ruthie, we hardly knew you

  1. Peg

    Given that I have a number of friends who have been impoverished by the Madoffs, it might be the one time that I could find a bit of sympathy for sharia law – IF it applied to Bernie & Ruth.

    Given that this is unlikely, however, I’ll settle for them going to prison for the rest of their lives.

    And very soon doesn’t sound soon enough.

  2. Hazel

    I am sad for Ruth Madoff. I cannot imagine how she must be feeling … her entire life was founded on a lie, and now everyone in the world knows her husband is a fraud. She must be torn between being a loyal wife and fleeing the scene. Hopefully, she does not share in his guilt. Foreknowledge that he was running a Ponzi scheme is not guilt … in this country, spouses are not required to testify against one another.

    • christopherfountain

      Well she certainly enjoyed the money it brought. One reason I liked “The Soprano’s” so much was because of the delicious scenes between Tony’s wife and her priest. She’d tell him how terrible she felt being married to a gangster, he’d counsel her to leave and she, faced with giving up the mansion, the fur coats, the cars and jewelry, always balked. As I recall, her priest wasn’t impressed.

  3. PrimeTimeMom

    Is the 15M that she took out now frozen too or does she have access to it? What are the prosecutors waiting for? Why aren’t these people on the fast track to prison? And where exactly are the Noels?

    So many questions with hard to find answers. It’s killing me. I can’t even imagine how the bamboozled investors feel.

  4. Walt

    Prime Time Mom –
    Yes – the $15 million is frozen, and Ruth has to give the Fed’s a list of what she needs to spend, and they need to approve the release of funds. For some reason, they will not approve her paying my last 2/20 cut, which is really pissing me off. As for the Noel’s, I was at the Round Hill Club this week, my better half is in Palm Beach, and the filly’s are trotting out and about. Why do you ask? Do you need some money managed? Just give me a ring.