Nut cracker decision

Vaccines don’t cause autism, special masters rule. This would merit a “Duh” were it not for the hysteria surrounding the issue.

Oh – and that British scientist whose “research” triggered this whole thing and caused Don Imus to lose what was left of his crack-addled brain? Exposed as a complete and utter fraud. Thanks, Lancet, for publishing that paper in the first place. How many babies did you kill today?


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2 responses to “Nut cracker decision

  1. Paco

    The Lancet is the politically/PC driven British pseudo medical journal that also 1) published the phony research that claimed far more civilian deaths in Iraq than were reported by the Iraqi government and every other credible source in a ham fisted attempt to throw the 2004 U.S. presidential election to Kerry and 2) published questionable, probably fake, cancer research by in Indian doctor who, when UK researchers demanded he produce the original data he supposedly relied on was told “the termites ate my data.”

    In an age when so much fraud passes for science and social science research we are blessed by having a few brave realtors willing to fearlessly publish accurate but unpopular housing market data. 🙂

    • christopherfountain

      yes, we say what must be said! We speak truth to power! If I were still a yippie dumbfuck anti-war protestor I’d curl up and die of shame at where I ended up, but what the heck, it’s fun and it pays the bills!