A most detestable herb

The Wall Street Journal reports on a rising tide of cilantro haters . I’m one of them. Just a sprig of this awful stuff is enough to ruin a meal and I’m furious when I discover that a restaurant has thrown it into a dish that no one would expect it in and fails to warn of its presence. You like the stuff? Fine, dig in, but keep it away from me. And whatever you do, don’t toss it in among the rest of a dish’s ingredients and expect it to slip by unnoticed. Cilantro haters do notice and you run the risk of your fine china ending up on the wall.


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5 responses to “A most detestable herb

  1. Peg

    Oh, noooooooo!

    Christopher, here I thought we were “at one” for all things political, economic and real estate. Yet, now I discover that you hate one of my most favored herbs, cilantro! Cilantro; perfect compliment for Thai dishes – cilantro; excellent in salsa. Sometimes I actually will order a dish just because of the cilantro element…..

    Chris; say it ain’t so!

  2. Vicky

    Even though I basically like it, I agree with you that it should NOT show up where it’s not expected. Its flavor is subtle as a train wreck and overpowers everything else. Sometimes I think restaurant workers don’t realize it’s actually cilantro, because it looks a lot like the Italian flat leaf parsley.

  3. Peg

    Chris; no problem. If I ever get out east – we can go for steaks, baked potatoes and NO cilantro.

  4. anonymous

    it tastes like soap. i just threw up in my mouth a little just reading about it…