Never mind!

The listing for the Stamford land on Taconic I reported on earlier this week as 12 acres for $950,000 has now been corrected to show just 2 acres. Not the bargain it seemed. No worse, in its way, than the Riverside property that came up for sale as ‘3/4 of an acre” – a not insubstantial parcel for that area and one that excited some interest until the listing agent admitted that she thought 0.37 acres was three-quarters. Remember, “Realtor” is a trademarked name, signifying the highest standards of knowledge and professionalism.


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3 responses to “Never mind!

  1. anonymous

    ~$500K per acre for Stamford???

    Perhaps start cold-calling those astute folks on the Bernie List to peddle that lovely, once-in-a-generation land

    • christopherfountain

      Yeah but it seems to be mostly swamp. Nancy Pelosi just spent $30 million of our money for swamp in California. This one’s cheaper.

  2. Stanwich

    Indeed, the Realtor mark is a more akin to those purple markings on slabs of beef that say “USDA Prime”