A week ago, I’d have told you this was a crock. Today, what are you waiting for?

Get yur Gov’mint money here!

President Barack Obama Grant Relief

The Economic Stimulus Program

Our country faces its most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Beginning with their inauguration Barack Obama and Joe Biden have a plan in place to revitalize the economy:

     1. Immediate Action to Create Good Jobs in America

     2. Immediate Relief for Struggling Families

     3. Direct, Government Funding for Homeowners and Business Owners

     4. Rapid, Aggressive Response to Our Financial Crisis, Using Tools Such as Government Grants

Immediate Action To Help You

Tax cuts are one means of providing economic relief to those in need and will be part of the recovery plan for America. However, Government Grants will also play a vital role as a means to swiftly provide assistance to those who could use financial assistance. Unlike a loan these Government Grants provide funds which do not need to be repaid and can be used for virtually any purpose including:

  • pay off family debt

  • consolidate debt

  • provide mortgage help to deal with the forclosure crisis

  • purchase a new home

  • start a new business or assist with an existing business

  • pay off student loans or assist new students with obtaining a degree and giving government aid

If there is a bill out there that needs to be paid there may be funding now available that will be able to cover it.

The Next Step

Demand is expected to be very high for these programs, so although billions have been set aside, unfortunately the funds will only last for a limited period of time. Those that are interesting in applying for a grant are encouraged to do so immediately before earmarked funds are depleted. Grant Claim Applications have been assembled which contain enrollment information to assist Americans with determining which grants may be available to them and how to request payment. These applications are available through a third party for simply the cost of shipping and handling.

Request Free Grant Funding

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One response to “A week ago, I’d have told you this was a crock. Today, what are you waiting for?

  1. greenmtnpunter

    Of course, grant writing “consultants” to snatch that free gummint $$$$ will literally explode as a cottage industry. The gummint has all the dough now so we are sorta forced to do business with ’em.

    Just for fun we can all make book on who will be the first Democrat Hack in our neighborhood to blossom out with that new ride, a Lexus, or BMW, or Humvee, or some such, when that big gummint “consulting contract” comes through.

    Just watching the stampede of the main chancers toward the cash-ola would be entertainment if we didn’t think too hard about the source of the dough. Just think, a whole new generation of CETA workers are about to descend on us and rekindle those fond memories of yesteryear.

    If you would like a preview of the stampede which is about to begin, check out Robt Caro’s Volume I of the Years of Lyndon Johnson for an account of LBJ’s early career in New Deal Washington as Admin Ass’t to Congressman Robert Kleberg. You can just feel the $$$$ changing hands.