The bill that keeps on taking

What happens when Obama scores “A Victory of Historic Proportion”  with passage of the Stimulus Bill before anyone (except lobbyists) has a chance to read all 17,500 pages? The good news about what’s in it just keeps coming. Here’s some now:

Trade Wars! “WASHINGTON – Congress approved protectionist measures in a $787 billion stimulus bill Friday that U.S. trading partners have warned could spark a trade war.”

If, as Obama’s Chief of Staff Emanuel insists,” you never want a crisis to go to waste”, is it possible that triggering a world wide depression is seen by our Messiah as just an opportunity to expand that crisis and put it to use? Hope not.


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2 responses to “The bill that keeps on taking

  1. kidding really?

    I do believe this bill was the first major bill Obama has ever passed in his career. So yes, historic. Considering he never sponsored a bill and passed a bill written on his own is incredible. He really had no say in this bill since it was written by every democrat with hand out. He also never balanced a government budget too of any kind which needless to say he’s cool with running up a the largest deficit ever.

    I am waiting for the pictures of him with a “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner behind him.

  2. PrimeTimeMom

    I absolutely love this blog but I sometimes feel like the lone Obama supporter here.

    I voted for GWB twice and look where it got us people! Any change other than what we’ve had for the last eight years will be welcome IMO.