This guy has an advantage – he doesn’t have to work with fellow real estate agents

I’m stirring up the ire of my colleagues because of this blog – apparently I am responsible for the collapse of real estate from Dubai to Greenwich and was warned just last night that a prominent Greenwich broker “has some choice words about you.” I’m shaken, of course, and will surely mend my ways, eventually, but here’s a blogger doing the same thing in Short Hills New Jersey and nobody likes him, either. We may have to start a club.

His blog: Circling Vulture .com


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8 responses to “This guy has an advantage – he doesn’t have to work with fellow real estate agents

  1. PrimeTimeMom

    I love this tidbit. I’d like this agent to take a lie detector test:

    “We didn’t cut the price because the market is bad,” Ms. Chapman said. “My client is getting married, and she really wants to sell.”

    • christopherfountain

      Prime Time, I believe that would run afoul of the Constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.

  2. pulled up in OG

    Listings of interest . . . Carrion Pickin’s

    Spec house . . . Deader’n a Door Nail

  3. REF

    Dear Chris

    Please post that prominent Greenwich brokers
    “choice words” about you when it happens. Can’t wait to hear about that tongue lashing! Should make for some excellent blogging. Can a meeting
    be arranged?

  4. MSL

    Hey! Can I be in your club?
    My office, by decree of the managing broker, has been declared a “no negativity zone”. God forfend anyone say anything that reflects the true nature of the market.
    I schlep real estate on the other coast on Bainbridge Island, Wa. and I’ve been showing the Shiller graph I just saw at circling vultures to a few of my sellers lately. Mostly the one’s who rather than lower their price and take only a 50% profit over what they paid five years ago, want to take their homes off of the market, wait a year or so, then bring it back on at 2006 prices!! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  5. Vicky

    What you’ve got going here, CF, is a part of a new price discovery mechanism, something guaranteed to be unwelcome by the people who’ve made a nice living the old way.

    A few random comparisons: You can be sure many over-the-counter stock market makers in the 70s weren’t thrilled by the intro of NASDAQ. (Hey, maybe Bernie will weigh in with a comment here.) Nor were the ossified overlapping boards of the big Japanese corporations happy to see the intro of Nikkei index futures in the 80s, which provided a practical way to short. More recently the internet sure has taken the fun out of pricing life insurance for the companies that sell it. Not to mention eBay making it easy for anyone to sell their assorted s**t, but hard to command a premium price for it.

    Keep it up!

    I read comment from MSL from Washington state at 8:54. Am delighted by anyone who uses the words “forfend” and “schlep” within the space of 15 words. (I mean it, I’m not being sarcastic.) Hope you are pleased with the quality of your expanding audience.

  6. MSL

    Home sellers circa 2009 channeling the spirit of Randolph…or was it Mortimer…Duke in Trading Places.
    “Turn those machines back on! TURN THOSE MACHINES BACK ON!!”.

  7. greenmtnpunter

    A broker’s job is to make a a market wherein transactions occur. This means it is the broker’s job to educate the seller, his client, on what reality is rather than sit back and pray for the best.

    Right now, as we well know, there is a wide gap between bid and ask, and thus a slow or non-existent market. Those who criticize brokers who tell it like it is, e.g., our site host, are in denial and understand neither markets nor the function of brokers in markets.

    Sellers are finally coming to grips with the fact that there are times when real estate, i.e., single family homes for most of us, is simply illiquid without major price adjustment.