Wouldn’t you really rather be selling Maseratis?

Wanna-be real estate agents flocking to get licensed.  Guess it beats investment banking.



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3 responses to “Wouldn’t you really rather be selling Maseratis?

  1. Up too late

    People don’t realize what a long hard trek it is to make money in your business, even in the good times. I never understood that myself until I watched two friends have a go at it. Take your commissions, subtract taxes, and divide by the number of hours you spend (much of it thankless and behind the scenes), and you end up with … a $ figure you don’t really want to know. And that doesn’t include quality-of-life considerations such as weekend hours, being at people’s beck and call, and acting pleasant and cheerful when you want to go postal!

  2. Realtor1

    Up Too Late, you are my new hero!
    The factis that you really make less than one percent of what you close and that is before taxes. I have been one of the top producers for my company-a big National firm, for years and I figure that I make less than minimum wage when you consider the hours I put in.
    And oh yeah, did I mention I have not had a vacation, other than a yearly awards three day business trip, in seven years?
    I do love what I do, when I am making some money, but right now I am volunteering my life away.
    And sad to say, I would not wish this job or life style on anyone.
    Glamorous it is not.
    And you are in total service to your clients-and their moods.
    My reward is meeting some terrific people who become friends and for seeing people settled into a lifestyle that brings them contentment.
    But I work at this for the money and even in great times, the money is not good enough for the effort put forth.
    Up Too Late, you made my day, thank-you!

  3. Up too late

    You’re welcome, Realtor1. I’m glad I made SOMEONE’s day, as my household includes a 16-year old who doesn’t think I have anything useful to say. Ever!