The New York Post discovers our housing woes

Leave it to the Post headline writers to indulge in just a wee bit of hyperbole: “Greenwich Ghost Town” . Well not quite, but it was nice here last week with the schools closed and everyone gone for vacation – I don’t think the writer was referring to that temporary absence of soccer moms and their broods, though.


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5 responses to “The New York Post discovers our housing woes

  1. FlyAngler


    An interesting trend this year is the stay-at-home long weekend. My son’s teacher at Brunswick made the comment that many families were asking for extra study guides since they would “be local” this long weekend.

    Does this recession know no bounds?

  2. greenmtnpunter

    Congrats, CF, on a nice piece of free media although I can’t imagine that the Greenwich demo is much more than statistically insignificant when it comes to NY Post readers….perhaps the Times will call now? Just as long as you are the “Go To” guy in this downside Greenwich market, that’s all that counts. By the way, what happened to the Dodd and bailout posts? Did you receive some political pressure from clients/custom ers?

    • christopherfountain

      In fact, Green Mountain, it was the Times that got this blog started – Peter Applebaum has come out to write about Greenwich twice already and very nicely repaid my showing him around by linking to the blog.I received the same kind treatment from a Finnish paper as well as ones from Spain, Holland and England but except for England, I don’t think I’m hitting a significant pool of Greenwich home buyers. At least, not yet.
      As for Dodd, Instapundit is doing such a fine job covering the sludgepot that I only chime in occasionally. No pressure down here – no one likes him – but I just don’t see the Democrats dumping him. Too bad, but I think he’ll stay in office gorging himself until he’s good and ready to waddle off to Ireland with his cash.

  3. Realtor1

    I DUNNO, I think Greenwich Avenue is looking a bit depressing these days and I use the word DEPRESSing heavily.
    These Connecticut Suburban towns are starting to resemble a shadow of their former selves. So few Mainstays are staying on Main, I fear when we do raise out of the pothole we are now in, we will be stuck with generic 101 and superstore groceries and that is it.

  4. Barbara

    The Post Magazine section had a 4 page article on the Noels. Not a lot of new info.