51 North Stanwich

51-n-stanwichReader Gordon Gekko (caution – that may not be his real name) asked about this cottage. It’s a great little house. Sits on 1 acre in the RA-4 zone so you won’t be adding on to it but why would you want to? Built in 1900, sold for $1.5 million in 2004, renovated in 2007 and put up for sale in May ’08 for around $2.1 million. It’s now down in the $1.9s. I’m 5’10” and wouldn’t recommend it to people much taller than that but I certainly liked it and think it would be perfect for a couple or a single curmudgeon. If guests insist on showing up, there’s a cottage with bedroom, fireplace and perhaps its own kitchen – memory is hazy on that last item but if not, Domino’s delivers.

Good place. Price? Who can tell these days?

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  1. Thanks, GG

    I’ll send Bud Fox over to take a look on his motorcycle. Maybe I can buy it out from under Sir Henry Wildman. I’ll be calling you Chris on my 1980’s 10 pound cell-phone.