No coal, no windmills off Robby Kennedy’s Compound

And in fact, no windmills at all – they’re killers! From

“Acoustic radiation”

by Walter Olson on February 16, 2009

Some opponents of wind turbine farms in Maine say they’re concerned not just about audible noise but “low-frequency noise, so soft you can’t hear it,” from the installations, which they claim is linked to a wide array of health problems, not to mention “the strobe effect created by the sun setting behind the spinning blades, which some say can lead to seizures”. On an anti-turbine website, a New York doctor describes “acoustic radiation” as a mix of “audible sound, infrasound and vibration, in a pulsating character, that appear to trigger serious reported health problems in those families living near wind turbine installations.” State officials in Maine, on the other hand, would prefer to keep the focus on sound levels loud enough to actually be noticed:

The state’s chief medical officer has her doubts about turbine-related health effects. When it comes to potential hazards, “If anything, there’s evidence to put a moratorium on fossil fuels not on wind turbines,” Dr. Dora Ann Mills said Friday.


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2 responses to “No coal, no windmills off Robby Kennedy’s Compound

  1. anony-moose

    Oh Gawd, not the low-frequency noise crap again. Granted the vibrations caused by these things are pretty serious. On the order of one millionth of a millimeter, if you’d believe it (I’m shaking my head in front of my computer monitor right now). Or in other words, they’re of the same magnitude and frequency as other sources of noise, like that from distant highways. Yet for some reason you don’t get too many people blaming a mile-distant interstate for their medical problems.

    If people would just stick to the more practical criticisms of wind, e.g., “I don’t like the way they look,” at least then I’d be able to take them seriously. Except in the case of Kennedys complaining about wind turbines spoiling the view of their pristine shipping lanes out to sea.

  2. Fred

    Health hazards my large pale posterior.

    The REAL problem with windmills, is that other than for pumping water in remote-ish locations they are uneconomical & inefficient way to do anything useful.

    The power they produce is 4x (or more) expensive then a modern clean fossile fuel generation setup- and, because it’s unreliable power, you STILL need the fossil fuel setup.

    They kill birds by the truck load.

    In cold climates they;ve been known to shed large hunks of ice off the blades.

    And yes the things are noisy, and visually obtrusive.

    Pox on them.