Some sellers are trying to adjust

52 Pecksland Road, a smallish, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house on an acre, sold for $3.495 million in November 2005, right at the height of the market. I suspect that a 3 bedroom house, even on Pecksland, won’t be fetching that kind of moeny again for awhile but the new owners were more optimistic than I and listed it this past September for $3.995. Wrong move.

But now it’s down to $3.1 million. That may still not move it but for those skeptical readers who didn’t like my suggestion that people rent, rather than buy, here’s one couple that probably wishes it had.


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3 responses to “Some sellers are trying to adjust

  1. Wow, funny Noel link

    Did you know this is Corina & Andres Piedrahita’s first Greenwich home as a married couple? (Walter’s oldest daughter Corina helped him get FGG off the ground and they raised their first 2 kids here). I think they rented it back in the 1980’s. Was a carriage house to the neighboring larger home.

    • christopherfountain

      Didn’t know that. You’re right – funny world. Well perhaps they can rent it again next year. There are always ways around bad credit histories.

  2. early Piedrahita playpen

    Looking at aerial view of this house, it shared a driveway with another house. In the 1980’s (20 yrs ago), it was a small cottage. Somebody must have enlarged it since the Piedrahita were squatters here. The house used to have a crab apple tree in front that always dropped apples on the ground that gotten rotten and smelly since no one raked them up. Now the tree looks long gone since house is expanded to the left Greenwich style.