A Walter Client comes to Greenwich

Now that surprises me.



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2 responses to “A Walter Client comes to Greenwich

  1. PrimeTimeMom

    Well at least Walter is able to take a relaxing vacation. God forbid he actually reports to the office and to his investors. Maybe he’s not coming back?

  2. Walt

    Whiners? Come on Chris. You know better than that. Noel’s don’t whine. We neigh for Pete’s sake. And apologize? For what? The SIPC makes the “sophisticated investors” who entrusted us whith their money, whole. They should be happy I didn’t put them in Greenwich real estate. Which you would have suggested, right?
    Weather is beautiful here. Better than that piker in Antigua ever gets. Bernie, if you read this, why don’t you and Ruth stop by. We can make fun of this Sanford guy and really have some laughs.
    Miss you guys,