Before December 12, this would have seemed like a big deal

Stanford Securities raided, shut down: $8 billion missing from Antigua. How far is Mustique from Antigua?


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3 responses to “Before December 12, this would have seemed like a big deal

  1. Front Row Phil

    I wish you’d devote some attention to the real news of the day: Travis, the Xanax-ed, toilet trained, tooth brushing, blogging (?) monkey who acted like, well … a monkey, and was consequently shot for it.
    Travis’ owners should be horse whipped in a public place.

  2. Walt

    This guy is a piker I tell ya. Bernie took his money!! That’s why I earned my 2/20 commission. I got you in with the best!!

  3. Walt

    Hey – and think about it, will you? We peddled Bernie’s split strike conversion strategy. Now come on, who doesn’t buy that. But 10% Antiguan CD’s? COME ON!! Anyone who bought that deserves what they get. And this guy liked CRICKET for Pete’s sake. If the SIPC bails out ANY of these Dumb S%$T investors, I am cheating on my taxes this year. Now that I say that, I can’t remember the last time I paid taxes. What were we talking about?
    Your Buddy,