Even from the darkest cloud, a little sunshine peeks

Thanks to a reader’s tip, we learn that Walt and Monica are back in Mustique! The kids had to stay home, poor dears, no doubt busy with preparing the New York/Greenwich real estate portfolio for sale. But we’ll all sleep better tonight, I’m sure, knowing that thanks to the judge refusing to freeze Noel’s assets, the old guy can still jet down to the islands for a little R&R. He’s had a tough couple of months and deserves a break.


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3 responses to “Even from the darkest cloud, a little sunshine peeks

  1. CEA

    Another Ponzi – also multi-billion, based in Antigua. How people thought they were getting 8.25% on CDs is beyond me – people, if it SOUNDS too good to be true, don’t put your money into it – RUN.


  2. Walt

    Wait until I get my hands on Ms. Bess Levin. She picks on me just because I am a WASP. never bashes Bernie, for Pete’s sake.
    Your sun tanned buddy,

  3. Walt

    Antigua. How pedestrian. What a piker. Can someone please pass the sunscreen?