Okay, here we go: apples to apples

272 Riverside Avenue

272 Riverside Avenue

This house, new construction, sold for $3.850 in January 2008. I’ve been curious what its present value is because I sold two other new ones (different builder) next door for $3.8 and $3.85, respectively, just a few months before. Today, this one came up for sale at $3.875, a token $25,000 more than it sold for 13 months ago. Will they get it? If not, how much has it dropped? Did I ever think I’d ask that last question about Riverside property? (No.) I’ll be watching with bated breath.

On the other hand, here’s a condo whose builder must have quit holding his breath a long time ago and is now just trying to get what he can for it. 292 Davis Avenue, a nice, free-standing “condo” (one of three units) has been for sale since January 2007 and originally asked $1.965 million. A beautifully detailed bit of construction but Davis Avenue is not yet ready to crowd out Field Point Circle or Round Hill Road as one of our premier addresses and that first price, in retrospect, was a tad aggressive. That is to say, no one wanted it. Today it came down to $1.125. If Walt and Monica are looking to downsize, they might choose this. And, fortunately for them, if even this is beyond their means, we do have public housing right up the street. But there’s a waiting list, Monica, so just as soon as you get back from Mustique, you may want to sign up.


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10 responses to “Okay, here we go: apples to apples

  1. anonymous

    Isn’t there an empty lot next door?
    Could the impending beep beep beep of trucks and all day noise be a factor?

  2. cos cobber

    Chris, there are three units at this address and two more townhouses immediately next door constructed about six months ahead of these. Have any of these five units sold and if so at what price.

    Boy, I thought townhouses nestled behind bruce park grill would be a slam dunk. I guess these builders overestimated the clientel.

  3. pulled up in OG

    Seeing Davis Avenue and two million clams in the same sentence, stupid me figured it was down by the park somewhere.

    But behind the Grill? Now that’s priceless!!

    (Nicely staged pics in the listing, btw. Chalk one up for Ken.)

  4. dogwalker

    anonymous, These units were built on the empty lot.
    cos cobber, Yeah, who wouldn’t be clammering to live around the corner from the Grill? And you kindly do not mention that those two units next door have got to be in the running for the ugliest construction that has gone up in town in the past 10 years! And, I have heard, the interiors are equally attractive. One of those units appears to be occupied; I think it is rental.

  5. Cos Cobber

    I toured the open house at the ugly twin unit two summers ago. At that time the builder said that he had rented out the one unit for something like $5500 a month. My guess is that they still own both units. Now those rents will be under pressure as there are many more new and almost new luxury rentals about to hit the market. I didn’t mind the exterior appearance so much. The interior room sizes left much to be desired however. All the rooms are narrow with the front living room being rather small and second bedroom on the second floor being rather dark (one window – lots of wall).

    I love the bruce park grill, but i don’t need to live behind it. Its funny, but while you are whizzing on the bpg bathroom you can see your townhouse. My market analysis (ie time at the grill) concludes that the typical grill customer won’t have the loose change to pick up one of these units. If a grill client is not going to take it, who is? Oh, the builder’s mentality is “just a five minute walk to the train station!” True, but its a 10 second walk to trouble up the street too.

  6. anonymous

    Therein lies the problem with all this blogging…Racist/snarky/class warfare remarks. Shame on Cos Cob & all of you who continue in this manner.

  7. Cos Cobber

    I haven’t said anything racist or even classist. I think its your mind that’s in the ditch for inferring such thoughts.

  8. dogwalker

    I dunno, anon. I’m the same race as most of those who frequent the Grill . . . and our socio-economic classes are probably not too far apart . . . in the overall scheme of things. If you want to accuse me of bias against loud, inebriated people wandering in residential areas . . . guilty as charged.

  9. Cos Cobber

    are alcoholics a race?