What is it about scam artists and helicopters?

Allan Stanford is headed to jail for an $8 billion bust. Here he is in better times.


Sir Allen arrives

Sir Allen arrives



Robert Brennan – First Jersey Securities – was king of the penny stock scams until he was fined $100 million and put in jail.


Have I got a stock for you!

Have I got a stock for you!





 Let’s see – any other scammers out there in helicopters? Oh yeah:


Oh Bam!

Oh Bam!


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11 responses to “What is it about scam artists and helicopters?

  1. anonymous

    Form of daily transport..and who’s paying for it… reveals much about many supposedly wealthy guys

    Hear about the GS co-Pres who “retired” amidst trying to sell his POS ~$50MM wkend house?

    Lots of liquidity issues among the supposedly wealthy….overleveraged lifestyles, sort of like that of Joe (or Bernie) Subprime Six-Pack IV, who can’t read or count either

  2. uncle ugly

    you better give Obama a little time to get things going or you will be accused of being a right wing talking points robot-

    • christopherfountain

      He’s got four years, Uncle Ugly. And he’s already got my money so I’m as eager to see him spend it wisely as he is – er, perhaps a bit more so.

  3. cos cobber

    Based on your helicopter observation Scottrade is leading a major financial scam… My comment only makes sense if you have seen their long running ad campaign.

    • christopherfountain

      My brothers and I were laughing about helicopters this evening because our father, a long time Wall Streeter (1927-1988) took one look at the ad with Robert Brennan and his helicopter and said, “why would you trust your money to someone who spends it like that?”. He was 20 years ahead of the SEC.

  4. PrimeTimeMom

    I may be a lone ranger here but I’m a former Republican who voted for Obama and take offense at the raw deal I think he’s getting here. Seriously, what have Republican’s done for us lately? He took office with horrible problems to deal with, created by GWB. the lies about WMD leading to the war and the deregulation of Wall Street and the rape of the housing market. Can we please all join together and agree that this man has a sh@t load to deal with and wish him well? Is that too much to ask?

    Can we all just STFU for a year or so before we start casting stones? Rome wasn’t created in a day and this economy won’t be recreated or stimulated in a few months. Would you rather he did nothing and all your loans and credit cards be called on to be made whole within a month? Where would that get us?

    What would it do for the housing market? Personally we are in the market to buy but are waiting in a prime area because I truly believe markets are eventually going down to 1998 markets at least (look at the stock market and you may think 1992 prices).

    Unless you have money to burn and do not need to relay on your salary to pay the mortgage then this is NOT a good time to tie your finances up with real estate. YES it will go up again but not until there is stability in the job market.

    As Obama said, “things will get a lot worse before they get better”. Why not listen to him and plan accordingly.

    We plan on hunkering down in our charming craftsman cottage and making sure my husband still has his high paying (for us, it’s all relative) job before plunking down our souls for our dream house (another historic house whose owners claim they do not need to sell = then why is it for sale?) However in the meantime we will not anger them with a lowball offer. They have had two offers who have not qualified. I’m trying to be businesslike rather than emotional about this purchase.

  5. greenmtnpunter

    PrimeTimeMom- you just don’t get it, do you? You still haven’t come out of the ether. If we wait around for action like you suggest we may as well just put our children and grandchildren in chains and sell their bodies and souls into slavery. How ironic, huh? These people in power in Washington are dangerous to the nation’s survival as a free country and must be opposed with everything we’ve got. The Daley- Chicago Machine running the USA! What, are we crazy?!

  6. Anonymous

    Stand Fast Christopher. Sounds like the Obamabots are just now making the transition from denial to anger about their fellow Obama bin Lyin’.
    It would be funnier, if it weren’t our children and grandchildren who will end up paying for this Saul Alinsky stooge.

  7. fofer

    I did not vote for Obama, but I wasn’t in love with either candidate. My hope was that at least Obama would do as he said he would, which was bad enough. Instead, he has blown through most of his campaign promises for transparency and bipartisanship. If sending a 1,400 page bill to lawmakers 12 hours before it is to be voted on is a “New Kind of Politics,” then I’m the pope.

    This financial crisis has been unwinding for nearly 2 years now, and I’m supposed to believe that a few days deliberation (along with release to the public 48 hours before the vote, as promised) is going to make a difference?

    I’m supposed to believe that a government, and a citizenry, that got into this mess by being overleveraged can get out by leveraging up? That’s how Wall Street and LTCM got to 30+ times leverage. The deleveraging of the world economy will be painful, but more debt will only prolong the process, and weaken our position in the world.

    While we discuss nationalizing banks, without a look of horror on our faces, Russia is keeping its banking sector provate, and focussing on cutting fiscal deficits. What a mixed up world.

  8. Peg

    Prime time – if we follow your (and President Obama’s) prescriptions – there may not be any Rome down the road.

    Some of us not only think that what the Democrats are doing is a prescription for disaster – we also think that our new president is not adhering to many of the promises he made while campaigning. For instance – what happened to letting The People review a bill before it would be signed – among others?

    What is wrong with criticism if we believe it to be justified. After all – didn’t so many Democrats tell us: “patriotism is the highest form of dissent”?

    Or – is that only true when we have a Republican president?

  9. greenmtnpunter

    We have a leadership crisis, that is the only crisis we have in this country! The Obama Administration has clearly failed to restore confidence. That is their first and only job, they said they were the ones to do it and they have failed. Instead they have brought us the Pelosi-Obama Government and in the guise of economic stimulus, to save the country from what they called imminent catastrophe, have set off on a path of usurpation of power; we see our so-called leaders trying to take political advantage of this economic downturn, always accruing more power in their government. The people see right through it and are rapidly losing patience. Will somebody wake these zealots up? What is it going to take?