Driving down the market

Bloomberg picked up on John Cooke’s, of Prudential, press release showing that (shhh!) Greenwich home sales have evaporated. John issues these statistics without, so far as I know, his manager receiving furious phone calls denouncing him from other broker/owners. So what’s the difference? John issues a single chart which I doubt some of these brokers can read. I appear on television and that they watch. If you’d like to gauge the intelligence of some of the notables in the Greenwich real estate market, consider this: they actually watch TV news at 5:30 in the afternoon. That’s disturbing.


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4 responses to “Driving down the market

  1. Anonymous

    If your colleagues were financial advisors trying to sell me a bad policy whilst all evidence demonstrates the advice should be the opposite, I believe I would have a case against them.
    Anyone who tells me to buy in this climate is nothing better than your favorite financial advisors, trying to get commission to the detriment of my financial wellbeing.

  2. Front Row Phil

    Someone needs to watch the news at 5:30 or the television channel would have no audience. More important, how about some compassion for non-blogging real estate agents in a down market? What are they supposed to do with all that free time?

  3. SizeBuyer

    Who watches network news anymore? And people bought houses from these folks? I watched your clip by clicking the link on this website.

  4. annon

    I refer you to another Blog which stirs the pot as much as you do: Seeking Alpha James Quinn. Click on his latest article: The Burning Platform, scroll down to the subheading: The definition of unsustainable, and take a look at the chart: A history of home values. This may help in pricing the current market.