Oh Darn

It's back!

It's back!

30 Strickland, a nifty 1749 house on Mill Pond was listed for $1.750 million last year (bad move) and finally dropped to $995,000 (good move) and was reported as under contract last November. Something must have gone wrong and in today’s financial climate, that’s not infrequent, so today it’s come back. It’s identified as a 1980 house, which I assume is a typo. It’s also been re-priced at $1.195 which seems counter intuitive because if it took a drop down to $995 last fall to move it, one would think (I would think) that the market hasn’t improved so much since then as to permit a price $200,000 higher. But it’s a funky old house that would be worth far more in a different location. If you like this sort of thing as much as I do and can stand a wee bit of road noise (sometime between 1749 and today a highway seems to have gone up nearby) take a look.


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2 responses to “Oh Darn

  1. PrimeTimeMom

    Now this is my kind of house. Give me this over a spec any day.

  2. Anonymous

    This is the house on the Sotheby’s website “On Mill Pond” for rent, but as you said, it is website error. Thanks for the clarification.