Giving Town Employees the bum’s rush

cops-and-robbers1 First Selectman Peter Tesei defends his decision to fire Garo Garabedian and other employees in today’s Greenwich Time. I can’t argue with the decision – Tesei has a duty to balance our budget and he did what he thought wisest, but the way we fired these people: police escorts out of Town Hall, confiscation of cell phones, no notice – was awful. It’s as though we discovered thieves in the building instead of 28-year and 35-year public servants who’ve done an excellent job almost forever. It’s too late to undo that nasty bit of business but some kind of ceremony honoring these men for their service would seem appropriate – if they’d attend. We owe them that much.

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One response to “Giving Town Employees the bum’s rush

  1. Barbara

    It could not have been handled more rudely or nastily. What is wrong with calling someone into the Selectman’s office and privately informing him/her that at the end of the month they will be no longer required. At least someone could bring their own car to work to clean out their personal items. Also to find out you have been fired when you can no longer access your office computer. A bit cold I would think.