How about a short break from lectures on race?

Our new Attorney General thinks Americans should engage in frank discussions about race to help resolve unspecified “issues”. I’m sure that’s a fine idea but since we now have a Black U.S. Attorney working for a Black U.S. President, couldn’t we declare, if not “mission accomplished”, at least a short respite from white guilt? Black History month has only two weeks to run. What about we take off until it ends?


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4 responses to “How about a short break from lectures on race?

  1. anonymous

    Isn’t this the same guy who advised a pardon for Rich after he coughed up enough “donations”?

    Everyone is varying shades of green in his dream world

  2. Anonymous

    He also pardoned the Puerto Rican terrorist bombers, who hadn’t even requested a pardon. The pardon took the bombers by complete surprise.
    This is the same guy who does not believe in an individual right to self-defense.
    As for this current round of victimology, grievance theater, and _ _ _ _ baiting… well…

    • christopherfountain

      The PR pardon was about the worst – Hillary wanted to win NYC in her senate bid so a pardon went out – unrequested and unapplied for, as you note. What a country.

  3. Anonymous

    the level of hypocrisy from this administration is mind boggling!