I take it all back

Allen Stanford has been found in Virginia. So much for my praising him just yesterday for availing himself of his fleet of jets and pulling a Vesco. Is there no one among the Ponzis who knows how, and more importantly, when to take a powder? Sheesh. How about you, Walt – still in Mustique?

Update: Walt’s been watching this incompetency from down south and he’s not impressed. 


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3 responses to “I take it all back

  1. anonymous

    The Bernies (AKA Ponzis) should be on the Jay Leno “Dumb Criminals” features

    Dumpy houses, planes, elderly wives/gfs, etc…what’s the point of the stolen money again?

  2. Walt

    Chris, Chris, Chris –
    You sadden me so. Yes, I am in Mustique. It’s hardship duty, I know, but someone has to do it. I need some baby powder – in my A%% – from all this friggin sand. Riding filly’s bareback on the beach all day is tough. Hey – not that you perv!! Cut it out!!
    In any event, this Stanford guy is making us look bad. We sold strategy – panache’ – like Greenwich real estate. You get that, right? You can’t go wrong with Greenwich real estate, right? This guy was the equivilant of a SLUM LORD. He sold COOP City apartments – WE SOLD ROUND HILL for Pete’s sake. 10% ANTIGUAN CD’S VS SPLIT STRIKE CONVERSION. Come on!! Who bought this crap? He must have had Re-Max agents on his payroll for Pete’s Sake.
    If this piker top’s Bernies $50 Bill, I may be trapped in this sand infested, tropical heat, drink serving, servant infested, 42 room mansion forever. So get off my back, and pop in for a drink.
    Your sun tanned buddy,