More Goldman layoffs coming next week?

That’s the rumor in Citifile. Conference rooms reserved, security guards brought in from Greenwich, Tesei ready to wield the axe. Not that you care, fellas, but I’ve got some clients who work for you and I’d like to sell a few houses here, okay? So layoff – oops- so keep your hands off them, would ya?


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2 responses to “More Goldman layoffs coming next week?

  1. anonymous

    Well, more GS layoffs will create more “fresh” inventory for later this year and beyond…esp as other IBs also do more layoff rounds, to mimic the industry leader

    Heard there’s a shortage of unsold houses in Greenwich

    Pesky issue of finding creditworthy buyers for these used houses…priceless

    • christopherfountain

      The trouble with all these layoffs is that, despite my snarky comments, the IBrs I know include some very nice people. Real folks, with families, and while I might (ok, I do) enjoy a certain schadenfreude watching some of the more arrogant obnoxious ones go tumbling to earth, I am not at all enjoying the pain inflicted on my friends or even the folks I know more peripherally, such as fellow church members or even some of my clients. I feel awful about my friends in the trades who are suffering; there’s no reason I can’t empathize with those friends who were more financially fortunate.