Sleepless in Seattle. And New York, and Boston, and Greenwich

It’s not just 250 rich Americans who were UBS tax cheat clients as reported just this morning. There are 52,000 of them. And the IRS wants their names. Indictments in a couple of weeks. Does Mustique have an extradition treaty with the U.S.?


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4 responses to “Sleepless in Seattle. And New York, and Boston, and Greenwich

  1. anonymous

    Suspect many of ’em are the much-revered “small businessmen” that politicians sanctify in nearly every speech about taxes, jobs and the economy

    Someone didn’t pay (sorry, donate to) all the relevant politicians to look the other way….tsk, tsk

    • christopherfountain

      Ah, you’ve noticed that, have you? As a boater, I’ve always wondered how so many plumbers, electricians and other blue collar types could afford $500,000 power boats and the fuel that goes in them. I think I know the answer, and the coming indictments may show whether my hunch was right.

  2. Walt

    I sleep like a baby. In my diapers. (Alzheimers you know). Cheat on my taxes? You find a return? I never filed – I forgot.
    So cheat – NOOOOOOO. I forgot. Since when is that a crime? You forget anything today Chris? Like telling that newlywed couple the house you are shilling them is $500k overpriced? NOOOO. So we are in the same business – and your 5% cut is better than my 2/20, you scheister. Hey Bernie, will you please weigh in on this? This guy is a pit bull.

    • christopherfountain

      We call a mere $500,000 “well within the margin of error”, Walt – get with it. That cottage of yours ready for the block yet? I can probably unload it for you for say $2 mil, cash. And no commission! Let me know.