Andrews Farm

36 Andrews Farm Rd

36 Andrews Farm

A reader asked about this house, currently for sale at $9.250 with 4 acres and $12.750 with a second building lot. It’s a beautiful house, built by Fareri with the exact layout one of my clients is looking for. Unfortunately, he’s looking for houses half this expensive, but I know he’d love this one. There are 13,600 sf (a chunk of that underground) and the only flaw that I saw was the back yard – where did those four acres go? Still, heated pool, no noise from the Merritt that I could detect, and fabulous construction (the listing broker says it includes “WONDROUS NUANCES” – I don’t know what that means, but I assume George Bush would be unable to appreciate them too).

Considerations: When I was visiting this house on a snowy day I noticed no tire tracks in any of the street’s driveways. Was everyone in St. Moritz or is this one of those weekend destinations I wrote about this morning? I don’t know but if I were looking to move a family here, I’d want to find out.

[Update – thanks to my colleague Liz, I was alerted to the fact that I erred in pulling prices for this street – blog in haste, repent at leisure. I’m redoing it to reflect a much stronger price history than I initially reported]

There are no recent sales on Andrews Farm on our MLS, other than 35, which was listed with 12 acres and mansion for $16 million in July 2003 and sold for $11.250 in January 2005 (it’s back on today for $11.5, down from an initial price of $12.5 and with just 4 of those original 12 acres still attached). The town tax assessor showed market values of around $8 million for the other houses on the street back in 2005 and valued empty lots at around $2 million. We have certainly seen price depreciation since then, but I wouldn’t call the asking price for this house out of the reasonable range at all. It’s a really, really well built house.

I would note that the builder of 36 Andrews tried unsuccessfully to sell the attached building lot separately for, first, $3.85 million and eventually $2.95 million, so there’s probably some negotiating room in the price of $12.750 for land and building, especially given what the town thinks that land is worth.

So all in all, an excellent house. Your call as to what’s happening with prices on the road.


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10 responses to “Andrews Farm

  1. anonymous

    How big is the second building lot? Does it materially improve this house’s backyard layout/privacy? Would that extra lot being sold to another buyer compromise setting of this house in terms of driveway or privacy, etc?

    Would you guess build quality is $500/sf for structure?

  2. Anonymous

    FYI- #10 Andrews is the street off north much closer to town-near GA. #11 is Andrews Farm Rd. off Taconic the same rd. as the picture.

  3. Jane

    36 is a beautiful home, [explanation for sale here but I'm editing it out for privacy - Ed]

  4. Anonymous

    Why do Greenwich brokers always include below grade space in square footage calculation? In other parts of the country this is prohibited by law or against customary business practices. It’s misleading but everyone here does it. CF, how can prospective buyers get accurate sft information?

    • christopherfountain

      It’s tough Anon – the better brokers differentiate above grade space and obvious FAR impossibilities (7,500 sf in a R-1 zone, for instance) can jump out but it’s not always so obvious and I find it an obnoxious practice to lump the whole thing in – does that include the garage, too? Dumb, but done all the time. Hrrrummph!

  5. Jane

    OOps. Didn’t know that was inappropriate. I apologize.

    • christopherfountain

      Hi Jane – it wasn’t inappropriate but I let in a comment not long ago about someone being ill and heard immediately that the person was not ill so, once burned, I vowed to try to keep any personal references out. Unless of course, anyone has dirt on the Noels – they’re fair game, until after the trial!

  6. Jane

    Thanks for the explanation. I was feeling a bit like I had my knuckles smacked by the nuns. And then I was about to send a little attitude because the fur has certainly been flying about the Noels. And I know them VERY well. My comment about that particular property was truly a point of fact that both parties would confirm. But I will back down. All the best.

    • christopherfountain

      Well it is a beautiful, gorgeous house, which makes the situation very sad. And I’ll probably work my way up to leaving off the Noels, too – just a few more Sundays at church and ….