Will NYC drag down Greenwich?

Barron’s thinks NYC luxury homes will drop another 50%. They got hit later than Greenwich did but Greenwich got hit after much of the rest of the country. Greenwich and New York have a ways to go still. If New Yorkers don’t feel rich, they may not buy weekend homes here in Greenwich. Worse, if they have to sell their city property to buy a primary residence here and they get only half of what their property was worth a year ago, guess what will happen to their concept of what’s affordable housing out here among the deer ticks? Ouch.

UPDATE: Or maybe 60%.


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5 responses to “Will NYC drag down Greenwich?

  1. Anonymous

    Chris, what’s the best way to search your site for information. The “Search” feature appears to basically useless. When I put in property addresses for homes that I know were discussed on this site I get no results. Please help. Your site, though a wonderful resource, would be so much better if you could correct this bug.

    Thank you.

    • christopherfountain

      You’re right about the useless search feature. I’ll look into it. It’s possible that if I put a specifi tag on an address it will show up in a search. Otherwise, I may have to move on to Word Press’s more complicated forum, which allows all sorts of features to be added. I deliberately chose this simple form when migrating from Blogger because I thought I already had too much to re-learn but now that I’m comfortable with Word Press, I’m beginning to chafe at the pre-packaged template’s restrictions. So bear with me, please. You might try a straight Google search – maybe, say, 317 Stanwich Road, Greenwich, Chris Fountain” and see if that works. I’ll go try that myself and see.

  2. anonymous

    Always thought primary house choice was a lifestyle decision one makes in mid-30s post-first kid…Manhattan primary and Hamptons wkend vs Greenwich primary

    Didn’t think Greenwich was popular as a wkend home since back in ’80s….esp given the Hamptons frenzy of past 15yrs

    Perhaps in more sober, cost-conscious economy, young families will choose Greenwich more often as primary home

  3. anony-moose

    Using Google to search the site can indeed work (though it’d be best for posts older than a few days, because oftentimes Google doesn’t update their database for a site too regularly).

    Enter your search query like this:

    317 stanwich site:christopherfountain.wordpress.com

    (obviously that should all be on one line, if it isn’t displaying as such here)

    The second part of the search, starting with “site:” tells Google to display results only from that website.

  4. anony-moose

    Oh, and I know nobody will see these comments on a two-day old post, but Chris, you can try to remember it for the next time someone asks. 🙂