25% Off

F Troop Barracks?

F Troop Barracks?

This place up at 306 Taconic started at $3.650 million in May of last year and dropped to $2.750 today. A 25% reduction seems to be the new 5% although so far, it’s not helping much. Still, at four acres, we seem to be approaching what raw land itself was once worth. “Once’ being the operative word.


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4 responses to “25% Off

  1. Chappy4me

    “Once worth” to me, as a looker/buyer, often has to do with egregious flag lot houses, with a new driveway carved in front of someone’s “once pristine” pool or headlights into the “once quiet” MBR. This house is but one example.

  2. Cobra

    A little landscaping might help with the old “curb appeal” of this property.

    Riker’s Island (not that I’ve been there for more than a night or two) looks somewhat more aesthetically pleasing.

  3. zillow 309 taconic

    306 taconic has a neighbor for sale 29 acre for 18 plus mill at 309 taconic


    • christopherfountain

      Yes, that’s the one that didn’t sell for $35 million and, later, at an auction with a minimum of $19.5. Seems to still have a long way to go.