Attention Techies

dow-23Does something bad happen if the index drops below 7,000, as it appears to headed? I know that techs love discussing floors and that sort of stuff but I don’t know whether 7,000 is such a floor. I’ll bet some of you guys do.

Just curious what tomorrow may bring.


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10 responses to “Attention Techies

  1. Towny

    5500 is the floor.

  2. CEA

    Don’t point this stuff out! Soon people will think that what happens in the stock market affects people’s ability to buy houses!

  3. anonymous

    Soon, CF’s blog is going to be accused of being home to a bunch of evil short-sellers

    Wasn’t that Dickie’s (and Alan’s) favorite blame game on the way down?

  4. JerryB

    I’m not an investment tech, and my prophecy credentials are subprime, but I would guess that when 1Q09 corporate reports are filed, their numbers will look worse than the 4Q08 numbers.

    If so, I would guess that the “floor” will get lower than it might currently seem to be.

    Perhaps 2Q09, or 3Q09, numbers, while not very good, will be better than 1Q09 numbers, and if so, share prices might begin to improve.


  5. Anonymous

    I said last year that I would buy at 7000…. Now, I’m not so sure….

  6. Walt

    Oh boy. The noodnik’s are predicting the financial markets. HEY!! I did that!! And now I am at Basil’s on the Beach it Mustique. Somebody has to do it. (Jimmy Buffet rocks, BTW)
    A lot of whining go on in here recently. Housing prices – sucks. Stock market – sucks. Economy – sucks. Unemployement numbers – sucks. Bankruptcy’s – who isn’t? Stop it folks. BAD KARMA. That is a no – no. Be positive.
    So wake up. My Bernie investment was a stroke of GENIUS for you on my part. TARP, SIPC, FIDC , STD’s or one of those other made up names will bail you out.
    In the interim, Feel lucky, be happy. Hey, that could be a song.
    Your Pal,

  7. Walt

    And PLEASE – we have 42 friggin rooms down here. Can someone PLEASE tell me where the friggin bathrooms are?
    Your cross legged buddy,

  8. Walt

    And you guys are starting to piss me off. Think about what is important, for Pete’s Sake. You have your health? Are your kids doing well? Food on the table? You have bushy eye brows? (I DO – IN Spades)
    So let’s just relax. You are pissed off Bernie stole all your money? Yes, and I am too. He royally screwed us. I am the biggest victim, and I am not neighing. Even though I am surrounded by 5 nagging filly’s in a 42 room, ocean view, 13 servant (16 Actually) private compound with pool, tennis court and ocean views. SO STFU!!!!
    But lets get past it, have a gin & tonic at Round Hill. Take a deep breath, throw a hissy fit, and get over it. You will feel better if you do. I care about you guys.
    Your buddy,

  9. Walt

    Hey Chris – and this is a blog, right? So I get to piss and moan like the rest of you?
    I kind of feel like a complainer right now, which doesn’t mesh with my Puritan, Waspy upbringing. No anti WASP jokes, you anti – waspites.
    But I do feel bad. Even in spite of the 4 margharita’s (who am I kidding – 6 at least!!) and Jimmy Buffet song fest. I seem to feel some hostility towards me. Maybe I am just to skin thinned. But folks will get over it. So we pissed away some money – the Fed’s will make good. No harm, no foul right?
    So get the crowd behind me. The filly’s are miserable, Monica says not only are we not rich – now we are POOR – and it’s impacting my backstroke.
    Come over for a pop. Can’t send the plane – had to sell them. I know, so pedestrian. But when you get here, free pony rides!! Sorry for the rant. I was feeling blue after reading all these post.
    Needs a nightcap,