15 Hilltop Rd

15 Hilltop Rd

This 1942 Cape has been reduced to $479,000 and “invites all offers”. It’s an estate sale and is described as a “handyman’s special” which is usually realtor-speak for tear-down but at the right price and in the hands of someone with unoccupied time and carpentry skills, I’d think a reasonable value could be derived from it.


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  1. make tracks

    Can this prop get any closer to tracks?-one derailment and this byrum house is matchsticks. The prop you talked about a few days ago up by exit 4 is a $2 mill dollar listing and also right near on the tracks-It is amazing what a mile up the tracks will do.

  2. assessment

    It is assessed at $450K like others on block. You still be paying $3,000/month for 30 years or $3,800 / month over 15 years on a mortgage to own this not including taxes.

    And you still have to fix up a ?flophouse. And it is right on the tracks. Does it come with ear muffs? Is this worth the price of ownership? It has 5 bedrooms but what quality of life?

    Who wants to pay $600-700/month/bedroom for this fix-up 5 bedroom/?bath in a shared house as a rental? That is why these realtor numbers are still so out of whack.

    Please comment on this type of property. Thanks.

    I did not include fix up or maintainance costs either.

    • christopherfountain

      I did say, “at some price”, value might be found. But you raise an excellent point. I used to think that, unlike a ghost town in Nebraska, say, every house in Greenwich was worth something. I’m not sure I can say that any more.