Finally, some hope for suffering Mercedes owners

Diesel Mercedes owners, at any rate. The collapse of world trade has meant a big drop in demand for diesel fuel and it’s expected to drop below the price of gasoline soon. My poor little brother Gideon has been paying something like $120 gallon to fuel his Mercedes – perhaps now he’ll be able to afford that long-overdue birthday gift he owes.

Cleveland, Duble & Arnold Welcome Wagon

Cleveland, Duble & Arnold Welcome Wagon


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5 responses to “Finally, some hope for suffering Mercedes owners

  1. anthonyfountain

    I wouldn’t count on it: gas prices plunged last year yet I don’t recall wasting money on birthday presents. I’m sure Gid shares my frugality.

  2. anonymous

    Only MBs that matter are new AMG V12s (65s), not piddling V8s or diesels

    65s offer great value despite their rapid depreciation…rather addictive daily entertainment (and transportation)

  3. CEA

    anonyous @11:22: Got lots of rapidly depreciating housing stock to sell you too.

  4. OGRCC

    those old MB Diesels are still classy rides. you can even run them on straight veggie oil, if you are so inclined.