Green nonsense

This eco- realty silliness has spread to Tucson. John Schneider writes in his own blog, Tucson Foothills:

going green

It’s getting really tiring. Between the NAR and the local real estate schools we’re bombarded with ads to ‘go green’ and take the NAR’s Green Designation course.

Saving energy and building and selling more energy efficient homes, and learning the ropes in the green arena would seem to be a good thing for all.

Except that I’ve seen just one home for sale in the Foothills with a certified green designation. I think it was a LEED gold level home, the tippy-top in the green world. And it was beautifully done, a great renovation and a beautiful home that had the added advantage of being a home that was much less expensive to heat, cool and boil your tea in than a traditional home. Much less expensive.

But that home sat on the market forever and a day and, ended up selling for way less than the much reduced list price and, well under what the owner had put into it. About $300K under.

And I met the owner and talked with her, and admired what she’d done, green or otherwise, but given what it had cost her to attain that LEED designation, no buyers were interested.

Going green is so far down on the must-do list for residential real estate as to be virtually non-existent.

Yet despite what I’m sure are noble intentions, what else could it be, the NAR and the local real estate schools fail to take market conditions into account, and relentlessly press their agenda.

Give it up guys, it has the familiar ring of that well-worn NAR chant-
Now is a great time to buy or sell a home. 
No kidding, thanks for the advice.

I certainly don’t think it’s wise to waste money on energy when instead you can make your home weathertight, but if it doesn’t make economic sense, don’t do it. And spending a large premium on a so-called “green” house doesn’t make economic sense. Nor, for that matter, does it make sense for an agent to waste her time getting a “Green-Realtor” designation when the information she might need to provide intelligent advice on the subject is readily available free and on line. Like everything else the NAR peddles, this latest certification program is just another way for know-nothing idiots to look smarter than they are.


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5 responses to “Green nonsense

  1. anonymous

    Green stuff is not surprising in socialist places w/o real economies, aside from tourism and government jobs….places like Seattle or Portland or City of SF or Tucson

    Amusing “green” hypocrisy in Silicon Valley is the sighting of allegedly “green” tech billionaires who drive a Prius (or some other girlie car), but routinely jet off in their G550 (or larger) to one of their wkend houses….G550 socialists/environmentalists

  2. MSL

    I like your take on the multitude of NAR certifications. Some agents take great pride in plastering GRI, ABR, “e-marketing specialist”, “Presidents Gold Club” and every other acronym and award imaginable onto their marketing materials. Of course we agents understand that these classes must be taken to get our clock hours for license renewal. Knowing however that the skills inherent in acquiring these certifications are the ability to pass an on-line test where the answers are essentially given to you, and being able to fog a mirror, I can’t quite bring myself to even put them on my business card.
    Don’t get me wrong, some of these courses are useful such as keeping current on shoreline regulations or even the class in recognizing and understanding different architectural styles. Getting your brokers designation is certainly helpful to your clients. It’s just that when the requirements for being an NAR Accredited Buyer’s Representative entail passing said “test” and representing three buyers in closed transactions over a period of two years, in terms of achievement it ranks right up there with making that car payment on time every month. An accomplishment for some I guess but maybe best left unstated.

  3. Old Coot

    Does the Goracle know you guys are writing this stuff? I mean, don’t you care about the polar bears? 😉

  4. greenmtnpunter

    “Green stuff is not surprising in socialist places w/o real economies, aside from tourism and government jobs….places like Seattle or Portland or City of SF or Tucson”, says Anon in first comment. You can surely add Vermont to this list, i.e., characterized by tourism and public sector jobs, including a gazillion NGO’s, gorging at the public trough. Bet by 2010 we’ll see some freshly minted ” green stimulus millionaires” here in the Green Mtn State, sort of a 21st C carbetbagger class, ready to lord it over all of the carbon bigfoots.

  5. anony-moose

    Green building will never be a positive value proposition unless energy costs grow by, I don’t know… 500% or 1000%? As they may, one day.

    (another post people won’t see, but I’m playing catch-up here)