Low end houses

I get this complaint frequently and my answer’s about the same as my blogger friend John Schneider in Tucson but since he just said it on his blog, I thought I’d steal it.

February 20, 2009

… your blog focuses on high-end homes, while pretty much ignoring lower priced homes

why is that, a reader asked.

-because most of my clients are at the high end, or the mid to high end anyway, and since that’s my market I try to address it

-because the high end of the market is burdened with a high inventory of overpriced homes and saddled with slow sales. 
And relatively speaking, the low to mid price range is doing OK so, for that reason alone, the high end is more interesting and more in need of a good dose of reality too- which is what I try to bring to the party

-because I frequently write about spec homes and all the spec homes in the Foothills are at the high-end

-because most of the homes in gated communities, and there are many gated communities in the Foothills, are high end homes,

-because I come across more wheeling & dealing & shenanigans at the high end than at the other end, and that’s more interesting than nice tidy stories about Bob and Jane selling their $400k home.

-because generally homes at the high end are more interesting to look at, if only because there’s more to them, and therefore to write about than homes at the low end.

-and because, I suppose, I just prefer to write about high end homes

And maybe it’s because when I started in real estate in 2001, my first few transactions were for high end homes. I used to do a lot of open houses in those days, at least two, and often three a week – Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. I thought that was a good way to meet buyers and see what was on their minds.

And I ended up doing quite a bit of high end business from those open houses. And since then I haven’t been able to kick the habit.

I might add that here in Greenwich where even tear-down chicken coops are priced high enough to qualify as high end in other parts of our country, financial hi-jinks and other interesting things happen to them, too. And I report those as I hear of them.

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  1. Mad Monkey

    I couldn’t agree with Schneider anymore. I prefer posts on high end listings. Everything else gets a cursory glance but not much else.