Transportation Values

A commentator touts the Mercedes AMG 65 as the way to go in wheels but at $185,000 base price, I think I’ll give it a pass. Best buy I ever made in this field was a 1956 BMW one-cylinder 250cc motorcycle. I bought it in Zurich in 1972 for, I think, about $100, drove it all through the Alps and eventually sold it in Amsterdam for $150 when my long suffering father refused to send money to ship it home. He made a mistake. Mine was in excellent shape – the one pictured below, in much worse shape, is advertised in England for $3,000.00. Oh well – my father also sold his Brownstone at 233 W. 11th Street when he moved the family to Greenwich in 1954.

1956 BMW 250 cc

1956 BMW 250 cc


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4 responses to “Transportation Values

  1. anonymous

    Great stuff, CF

    Have driven new CL65s for years and often relax by driving in the local (CA) mountains on wkends…cheap, poor man’s entertainment vs wkend houses or private planes…hell, even the sound of the 65 exhaust note is inspiring during my daily, 3 mile commute

    Am too risk/reward conscious to ever drive a less safe performance car, let alone a bike….but admire your boldness

  2. OGRCC

    sweat beamer . . .

    interesting to do a price analysis on the W11th st. brownstone vs. a similar Greenwich home, from 1954 to present.

    my guess is the Manhattan house wins, but not by much.

    • christopherfountain

      My younger brother Anthony keeps track of it, I believe. Last time it sold, many years ago, I think it went for $6 million – quite a bit better than my parents’ Gilliam Lane house, bought for $50,000 in 1954 and sold for $750 (ish) in about 1984. Oh well – my Huguenot ancestors landed with the Dutch in New Amsterdam and never settled in Manhattan, preferring Brooklyn and Staten Island instead. We just don’t get real estate, as Mad Monkey will happily confirm.

  3. OGRCC

    Gilliam lane isn’t too shabby, but yeah the west village is prime manhattan real estate.