97 Pecksland Road

A reader asked about the enormous house going up at this address (foundation shown here). It’s, so far as I can tell, a custom house for a Mr. John R. Frank, of whom I know nothing, on a 22 acre parcel once belonging to the late  Charlotte Hencken of whom I also know nothing (although Google turns up some very valuable antique silver auctioned by an Albert Hencken of Greenwich).

This was a Brad Hvolbeck listing back in 2003 or so and the estate had received subdivision approval in this R-2 zone for four building lots of approximately 4.5 acres each plus a conservation set aside. Mr. Frank bought all four lots in March, 2005 paying about $4.1 million each, or $16 million and change for the whole package. I think that was a great deal for the neighbors, if not for Mr. Frank, because, in most neighbors’ eyes, one huge house is still better than four very large houses.

The house itself seems to be nearing completion and while it isn’t my cup of tea, it looks pretty swell. It certainly doesn’t fall into the “there goes the neighborhood” category as my own arrival would, so lucky neighbors. And fortunate Mr. Frank to be able to afford such a fine piece of property.


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8 responses to “97 Pecksland Road

  1. Cos Cobber

    Could it be a descendant of recently deceased billionaire Sidney Frank (aka of Jagermeister fame)? He had five children, of which I believe his daughter Cathy still runs the remaining importing busness that wasn’t sold to Picard. I

  2. anon

    He’s from the billionaire Sidney Frank family (liquor, Grey Goose, Jagermeister); I think he’s Sidney’s nephew

  3. Phil Grimm

    You should try Google Earth. The house dwarfs everything in the area. It looks to be much larger than the nearby golf course club house.

    • christopherfountain

      Well who could stand the shame of having a house smaller than the neighboring club house? Not John Paul Tudor Jones and, obviously, not John R. Frank!

  4. Mr. Dougl-ass

    The property is next to me. I am a friend of Mr. Noel.

  5. D. Decker

    Two questions for you about “nearly” finished mansions that don’t appear to have completed years after they were started….
    – 461 Stanwich Road…clearly stopped construction for some reason
    – an enormous bright white French house right on the water, I believe it would be at the head of Indian Field Road…appears to have had construction equipment in the pool area for the past 3 summers

    Do you know anything about these houses?

    Love your blog, it makes buyers and sellers both smarter (which makes it a threat to your fellow agents)


    • christopherfountain

      I don’t know what’s happening at one, but 461 Stanwich is indeed fascinating – plywood over the front door, usually no sign of life, a surly builder/owner, at least according to a story related to me some years ago. I’ve heard that the place is tied up in litigation between partners. Don’t know if that’s so but if it is, there won’t be much left to fight over pretty soon and the parties may go their separate ways.

  6. anonymous

    Upside of 20+ acres: unlikely to be a visible eyesore for neighbors, unlike McMansions on <4 acre lots

    Suspect guys who spend ~$16MM for land spend a fair amt to build house….such bespoke new houses keep local architects and builders particularly sharp and innovative, as opposed to mind/skill-deadening McMansions