Here’s a shocker: TARP ripe for fraud!

Billions and billions of dollars. I’m so disappointed to learn this.


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2 responses to “Here’s a shocker: TARP ripe for fraud!

  1. Paco

    “Neil Barofsky, the special investigator general for the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, told a House subcommittee that the government’s experience in the reconstruction of Iraq, hurricane relief programs, and the 1990s savings-and-loan bailout of the 1990s suggest the rescue plan could be ripe for fraud.”

    Translation: we lost billions of the public’s money to fraud in all those programs so we’ll we’ll waste billions on this one as well. It’s a natural law. Nothing can be done about it.

  2. Walt

    This really is bad news. I want all my investors to know, we at FGG, are diligently pursuing all options available to us to protect our investors. And you all know that our due diligence is impeccable and transparent. We are working around the clock in an effort to secure TARP funding (or whatever else todays made up acronym is) to make ALL of our investors whole, and protect their interests. I do need to take a break sometimes for tennis, beach time, brunch, and Happy Hour, but I am sure you understand. Rest assured, we at FFG are trying our best to protect your interests. It goes without saying that any recovery, should we ultimately prevail, is subject to our customary 2/20% fee arrangement. Hey, drinks at Basil’s cost a fortune. Got go – it’s Marley night at Basil’s so things could get crazy!!
    Your hard working, fiduciary responsible,
    sun tanned partner,