Barney Frank is a load

barney-frankMr. Frank is in high dudgeon over Northern Trust spending money entertaining clients at a golf outing and has demanded that the money expended therefor be returned to the U.S. Treasurer. Fair enough, but I wondered how careful Frank is himself when it comes to junkets on my dime. I looked and voila, here’s a peek at the man’s own travels.  Here, for instance, are just a few of his most recent trips in 2008 and 2007 (follow list for full list).

NYC – Gay Lesbian reception

Princeton University

London, Hamburg


NYC – Gay Rights

LA – Bill Mahr Show

Jacksonville FL (in Feb,, of course) “Sub prime mtg conf.”

NYC – More gay rights

Franfurt and Berlin, Germany – International Red Cross

Nashville, TN – Insurance

Tampa, Fl – gay rights reception and fund raiser

NYC – paid speaking engagement, Deutsche Bank



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6 responses to “Barney Frank is a load

  1. greenmtnpunter

    This Barney guy is a total creep. And so is his sister, a sycophantic Clinton ass kisser and liberal extraordinaire, equally insufferable. Time for a new reform movement to sweep these totally corrupt tyrants-in-training from our government.

  2. Retired IB'er


    Please excuse the quibbling, but I think that Barney Frank has long ago past the in-training status and has hoisted the mantle of full blown tyrant across the entryway to his suite of taxpayer funded offices in Washington.

  3. Front Row Phil

    A load of what, Chris?

  4. Peg

    IF private companies take money from the government, then there is some argument for the government having say over what is done with that money.

    Nevertheless, by the same token, given the items that you raise about Congress, Chris – not to mention ten gazillion other ones, perhaps Barney Frank and many other members of our government should be reimbursing THE TAXPAYER for some of their “entertaining” and “fact-finding” missions.

    I will be waiting with high anticipation for my check.

  5. Kidding Really??

    Barney and friends back in 2004…
    Lots of blame to go around but here’s a nice video of democrats against regulation of GSE’s.