Important public service announcement for Greenwich readers

Where are the best white collar havens? Slate offers some tips. For plain vanilla tax evasion, it’s a cinch – Switzerland. Nice mountains, decent cheese and great chocolate – just ask Marc Rich. But those blessed Swiss don’t consider tax evasion (at least, when done against the US Treasury) a crime, so you’ll be safe from extradition. More serious stuff like Ponzi schemes (Walter) leave you no good choices because if a country will have you, you probably don’t want to go there. The countries without mutual extradition treaties with the United States are awful places like North Korea, Cuba and that sort of place – no toilet paper, obnoxious police and forget about getting decent cable reception. Russia is said to offer shelter but considering what they do to anyone Putin wants to rip off (can you spell Siberia?), you probably don’t want to go there with a lot of cash and they probably won’t let you in if you don’t. Bummer.

I’d suggest, as the best of a bad lot, Libyia or Afghanistan. The latter may have treaties with us, but who’ll ever find you in those mountain caves? Seen Osama lately? Good luck.


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9 responses to “Important public service announcement for Greenwich readers

  1. Walt

    Plus they eat horses in many of these places, so that is a real issue. I am leaning towards Brunei as my new vacation spot. I need a break from Basils. Anybody care for a bloody?
    You pal,

  2. Front Row Phil

    Tasmania! Seriously. Great climate. Lovely, well-educated English speaking people. Plenty of local pot. Inexpensive real estate. Fine cable and internet hookups. A real live-and-let-live mentality. If you could make it onto the island (a big “if” since it belongs to Australia) you could live there forever and be happy. Of course, you’d still have to live with the guilt of whatever transgression drove you there. But that’s a topic for another time.

  3. Inagua

    Walt can go anywhere. Unfortunately, under our system of securities regulation, a greedy salesman who doesn’t understand and misrepresents his product commits no crime. But Walt may be ordered to refund his unearned Madoff fees because they were paid in stolen money. First Selectman Ken Flatto of Fairfield tells me that his City is going after Madoff feeders Tremont and Maxxam on this basis.

  4. Walt

    Ken won’t have any luck with Sandra Manske. She is one tough broad. And I don’t do refunds, all sales final. Off to lunch!!

  5. WaitingToBuy

    Any thoughts on if Paul Greenwood and Stephen Walsh have Greenwich real estate that will be hitting the market soon after they were arrested for running a securities fraud through their Greenwich-based broker dealer W.G. Trading?

  6. greenmtnpunter

    I wonder how hard the Justice Dept is digging to see the names of the plaintiffs in the Swiss lawsuit filed against UBS in re disclosure of American names behind secret accounts? How many were big Obama supporters? Need some enterprising journalist in Zurich or Geneva to ferret out this information and make a big splash with it. In fact, there should be a whole cottage industry of investigative reporters- specialists in government corruption- cutting their teeth on the on-going scandals and tuning up for all the really big stuff to come once the stimulus $$$$ spigot is turned wide open.

  7. Walt

    THIS is a PSA:

    At least they spent the money on horses, so they can’t be all bad.
    Your Pal,

  8. greenmtnpunter

    Should we take odds on The Names? Soros? International drug dealers? Other international crooks and criminals? Surely many whose names we won’t recognize because they know enough to stay below the radar and enjoy the tax-free, ill-gotten gains.

    Which means their contributions to Obama will be well concealed. Which brings up another job for the web new cottage industry of investigative journalism. My God these guys are going to be busy for the next two years following which Republicans can take back Congress in the wake of a new wave of Democrat corruption scandals.

  9. Walt

    You can’t make this stuff up. He pissed it away on stuffed teddy bears. HAAAAAA!!!!!
    They are still all pikers compared to Bernie.

    Your buddy,