25% off – “Looking better, Billy Ray”

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6 Loading Rock

I liked this house, but not its price, when it came on a year ago at $3.695 million. It’s down now to $2.795 and is looking better. Nice neighborhood beach on the Mianus right across the street, good details inside. Amazing what a $900,000 shaving job will do to one’s appearance.


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3 responses to “25% off – “Looking better, Billy Ray”

  1. Anonymous

    If I recall your earlier post correctly…you would counsel potential buyers to wait for the 40% reduction and then offer 10% less. This 24% reduction is closer but not there yet…the 40% reduction would lead to a home priced at 2.2M and an offer of 1.9M. I could get into the game at that price…

  2. rosy-o

    Anonymous @2:51, why wait to “get in game” at $1.9m rather than now? I’ve got some ideas, but wondering about yours.