A contract, in just 120 days

6 Wyngate Rd

6 Wyngate Rd

Nice house, under contract as of today. Sellers paid $2.3 million for it in March 2004 and listed it for $2.595 when placing it back for sale last year. I hope they made money on their deal but I’m just delighted to see any sign of life in this market.


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5 responses to “A contract, in just 120 days

  1. anonymous

    If haven’t already, would read Mr. Lampert’s annual Sears shareholder letter, released today

    Interesting insights into how one of world’s smartest investors is viewing today’s economy and markets

  2. Skads of Hope

    I too see this as a sign of life. Perhaps the right property at the right price still fetches a buyer after all.

    Remember when there were no “hedge fund managers”? Greenwich was still a nice place to live , raise your kids ( I went to grade school with Gideon) , and park your money for a couple of decades.

    Could it still be that place? Maybe; even without guilded traders. Once upon a time it was just a place where the wealthy and aspiring wealthy lived. No fan fare.

    Even the Rockefllers would drive old cars and chat with the merchants.

    Where have all the flowers gone?


  3. anonymous

    World’s moved on…get w/program

    Most of HF (and anyone w/bucks) crowd is addicted to G550s…doubt they (or anyone w/bucks) would revert to mass transit…life’s too short for “New England values”

  4. SizeBuyer

    I don’t know much about this house but here is what I see:

    The buyer would like to live in mid-country (is this considered mid-country?). Essentially looking for a little more space than Riverside. Finds a nice home, which, from the pictures it appears to be nice. The description says “overlooking a private backyard” however there are no pictures of this backyard only the front yard. Upon further review it appears that the backyard is a hill which backs up to the back of the house so I guess it is private, potentially un-usable, but private nonetheless.

    If you’re going to live in mid-country get what mid-country offers space and a yard and I don’t mean a sloping front yard. no?

  5. Skads of Hope

    NE values? Oh, I am sorry! How parochial of me!

    Perhaps they too are now 95% owned by the federal government. That worked!

    I guess high end toy addiction is much more fun than financial independence and fiscal responsibility.

    I’ll stick with my old fashion values, thank you.