Contracts this year

The market is not entirely dead. Twenty-four single famly homes have gone to contract so far this year, almost all of them at the lower end of our price range. One of note is 30 Owenoke in Riverside, purchased for $2.950 million in June, 2006 and relisted last summer. It finally dropped to $2.6 million and went to contract Monday. Owned by Nokia, I assume they can afford to take the hit. Nice house.

215 Orchard Street, in Cos Cob, was new in 2006 and has been looking for a buyer pretty much ever since. Originally listed at $3.8 million in ’06, it dropped to $3.2 million and went to contract February 9th.

The actual selling prices aren’t reported until the closing of title, but its safe to say nothing that went to contract this year went for above asking price. How far below asking price? We’ll see.


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2 responses to “Contracts this year

  1. Anonymous

    Some things never cease to amaze me. You mean to tell me that the owenoke house with the kids driveway guard which is in plain sight didn’t deter ALL the buyers. That should be the biggest red flag that that street has a lot of traffic and you better keep both eyes on your kids.