Funniest headline of the day

From the New York Times, of course.

Usually leery of their tax-and-spend label, many Congressional Democrats are open to President Obama’s spending plan.
What’s so amazing is that, judging from some of my liberal acquaintances who work at the paper, no one at the Times – except John Tierney – would think this headline was funny or the slightest bit ironic.

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  1. Peg

    Chris – I particularly loved this passage:

    “The American people have been denied the truth for many years,” said Representative Jim Cooper, a Tennessee Democrat who is a longtime budget hawk. “They are willing to take their medicine if it leads to a strong country.”

    “Take their medicine?” What on EARTH is Cooper talking about??! Democrats are planning on spending RICH people’s incomes, our children and grandchildren’s futures – and Cooper is talking about today’s purported grown-ups “taking their medicine?”

    One of the biggest problems with this ridiculous “stimulus” bill is that hardly anyone is willing to “take their medicine”! They’re “willing” to have the government come in and “save” us – “create jobs” and “save homes” and “build infrastucture” out of fairy dust and gold string – and generations’ to come’s wealth.

    There isn’t a thimble full of “medicine” that I can find in it.