Just sayin’, II

52 Round Hill Rd

52 Round Hill Rd

Nice house, this.

Sold: $3.00 Million      7/00

List: $4.4     Million     2/08

New Price: $2.6  Million 2/27/09


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11 responses to “Just sayin’, II

  1. CEA

    Well, for all our railing on sellers, here is one who really, truly is showing he wants to be “out”.

    He is priced 13% below his purchase price, and he has recognized the new market reality (too bad he didn’t try this last summer, but oh well).

    Yay – one “rational” seller!

  2. cracked floors

    this house ended up in an auction in the early 90’s. the new owner got it cheap. the slab floors were all cracked since it was built on land that was filled in near the pond shown. you could sort of get away with that back then. the new owners built a stone wall from found stone on the property that wasn’t that attractive. location: wet. not the nicest house on rhr and not worth 3 mill. in the 90’s, auction price was just a few hund thousand.

    • christopherfountain

      cracked floors – yes, but in 2000, when it was listed for $2.895, it went in a bidding war! Times change.

  3. Enzo

    All I can say is wow! $1.8mm less than one year ago? Is this a forced sale?

    • christopherfountain

      It’s an estate sale, Enzo, and I assume the heirs got tired of waiting for pie in the sky. besides, depending on the relationship between the heirs and their benefactor, it’s probably found money. And the owner won’t be needing a down payment on her new location or I haven’t heard of any such requirement for admission to either place.

  4. jess

    Chris – link is showing price as $3.35?

    • christopherfountain

      Jess- I report changes as they come across the MLS hotsheet, when I can. The real estate sites usually run a business day or two behind.

  5. Anonymous

    Your link to the Raveis site says the home is offered at $3.3m.

    • christopherfountain

      Raveis (and Realtor.com and all the other sites have a lag time of 24 hours or so. My info is taken from the Greenwich MLS and is usually posted within an hour or two of the change. By Monday, the other sites will have caught up with the price drop.

  6. CEA

    Heirs have to sell after some point. I am sure there is an accountant here with more accurate info, but I believe after a period of time after the homeowner has passed away, taxes are due on the value of the property.

    So unless the heirs/heiresses feel like ponying up money for the taxes in order to wait for a higher price – estate sales mean they HAVE to sell.

  7. jess

    chris – thank you for bringing us the breaking news on prices!