Just Sayin’

17 Marks Rd, RVSD

17 Marks Rd, RVSD

Sold: $2.250 5/04

Sold: $2.495  7/06

Ask: $2.695  4/08

Ask: $2.095 2/27/09


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8 responses to “Just Sayin’

  1. CEA

    You know, maybe you can have your own index, the FIBA (Fountain Irate Builder/Agent) Index.

    Once a week you can post the number of outraged emails, phone calls, and visits you get from the builders and agents.

    The more angry emails/calls/visits, the worse the market. Turn those lemons into lemonade!


  2. Anonymous

    Could do worse than that, record the calls, and publish, Kim Bassinger style.

    It’s about time they realised, that little young you, had nothing to do with the Florida housing collapse and you have no influence on the buyers of Greenwich. CNBC, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, maybe, but not you.

  3. Anonymous

    Sort of off topic – but you seem to know everything of value in Greenwich…

    Is it true that the town has forbid skating and other activities on the Mianus River?

    • christopherfountain

      I haven’t heard that they’ve banned skating but nothing would surprise me less. I’ll ask.

  4. neighbor

    Despite not having central AC or a garage, it’s a very charming house, in my humble opinion
    (or IMHO).

  5. sa

    Quick question, I have a hypothetical question, if a realtor said there was a offer on a house, thereby forcing your hand to counter with a higher offer, leading to a final offer on my part being accepted and finally buying the house, is there any way to discern if that agent was pulling your leg or is it blind trust he was telling you the truth. Thanks.

    • christopherfountain

      Sa – the only sure way I know is to refuse to go higher and see what happens. If, representing the buyer, I’m told that “there’s already an offer that they’re considering and it’s higher than yours”, I try to advise my client based on what I know of the sellers’ agent. Most are truthful, and in that case, he buyer will have to decide if he wants to pay more. Some aren’t, and there is nothing funnier tan seeing such an idiot come crawling back after her bluff is called.
      Fortunately, the world of Greenwich realtors is small enough that a jerk can pull that trick only once – word gets out, quickly, and her or his reputation is gone, at least among other realtors who have been around long enough to know the story. So generally, it’s okay to assume they’re telling the truth. But not always.