Anyone this stupid shouldn’t be armed

Seattle cop caught on video beating the bejesus out of a 15-yearold girl. One of the more amusing parts of my past life was viewing videotapes of my drunken driving clients who swore to me that they were cool, sober and collected when arrested and, on the tape, were revealed to be foul-mouthed, violent inebriates. One (Greenwich) guy kept threatening to call his friend the Governor as he kicked out the rear window of a police car. We got him to go to rehab.

A Ridgefield cop once told me that, as the result of citizen allegations of beatings in police cells, they were forced to install video cameras in the jail, just as was obviously done out in Seattle. “Of course,” the cop explained, “that just means we beat the shit out of them before we get to the station.”

This Washington idiot obviously couldn’t figure out that strategy.

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  1. Phil Grimm

    Then again, Seattle police chief Gil Kurlikowski lost his SPD issued gun when it was stolen out of his parked car while he was shopping. It has not been recovered.